Found Cosmetics translucent powder – hmmmmmmm…

Okay here’s the deal. I love this powder, and I hate it. Here’s why.

I’ve never in my adult life been able to “bake” my undereye makeup without it looking cakey, crinkley, patchy, and ghostly.  My skin is dry, and no amount of moisturizers have been able to let me bake. When I first applied this I thought “wow this is a really moisturizing powder, maybe I should try baking”. So I have done so twice now with different products each day and OH MY GOD IT WORKS. The powder is smooth, no patchy coverage, no dryness… it’s a miracle.

It says it contains White Lilly to hydrate (adding to my favorite ingredients list), and sandlewood powder to blur pores and reduce lines. Both of these claims hold up in the court of makeup law. With a light dusting my foundation is set, but my foundation remains dewy. No transfer but I still get to look moisturized???!?!?! Yes please.

Here’s the thing though. In my previous post I was like “oh this is only $8.88”. What I didn’t immediately see is you only get 0.17oz. That’s right. It’s $52.24 an oz. Laura Mercier translucent powder (which I love also but is a tiny bit too drying) is only $38 for 1oz. Shame on you Found Cosmetics. Them’s Gucci prices.

So is it worth it? Ehhhhhhhh, kinda. I think I’ll save it for special occasions, but at the cost you pay for the amount I won’t be able to regularly bake with it, which uses approximately 1 crap ton of powder so it wouldn’t last long. So bottom line is this: buy it if you want to bake your dry skin once in a blue moon, otherwise I’d recommend Laura’s powder.

I will continue to hunt for that perfect drugstore powder for my dry skin. Do you have any recommendations?

Other details

Coverage: None
Texture: Smooth/Fine, velvety when baked on
Messiness: Low
Skin type: Best for dry, normal skin, excellent to cover wrinkles
Waterproof: Nope
Hold up to sweating: No, becomes slightly patchy, but may depend on foundation
Longevity: 4 hours for light application, reapplies well. 10+ hours for baking.