JSC liquid lipstick

I know this isn’t new but I’m sure a ton of people have thought of buying them and have not taken the plunge. This is for you ❤️

Right off the bat 9.5/10 overall and 10/10 for innovation for Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick.

Here are the deets.

I have drug lord (matte white), I’m nude (ultra light pinky beige matte nude), and Sagittarius (greyed out matte nude with lavender undertones). As you can see, I like very light, cool-undertone lips.

Terrible photo included.

Hydration: it will keep your lips hydrated while also being mostly transfer-proof. It’s ideal for us dry-lipped girls. It’s emollient, and highly blendable. This is awesome for a few reasons:

  1. You can blur the edge of your lip line by tapping the color there with a finger to blend it out. If you have asymmetrical lips this will help disguise that without having to overline your lips. Great for quick color, tap tap, out the door, kind of days.
  2. You can use it as eyeshadow. Now this is a more “I’m gonna spend an hour applying eyeshadow” kind of benefit, most people probably won’t use it this way. If you want to do a cut crease, liner or even use it in your crease and just blend it out with a brush a bit, it works great. It diffuses like eyeshadow does, so you can use it that way as well. I believe all JSC liquid lipsticks are eye safe but always double check. The white color is great for this, as well as making any shade lighter. You can get a red and a white and 💥 bam you have a huge variety of light pink to red to choose from!
  3. It wears off evenly. No more patchiness, pilling, weird gaps or half on lipstick. For this everyday wearability quality alone, they are well worth the price.

Here are some swatches. Top color is applied with applicator from tube haphazardly. Bottom color is diffused with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. You see that shit? It’s awesome. Indoor lighting, no flash or editing.

It’s actually not a “makeup artist only” kind of brand. It’s for everyone, and he has done amazing things with the shade range. It’s expensive to formulate new shades, I’m sure he reinvests a lot into R&D. Smart. I’m talking myself into buying more now, uh oh…

Purple swatched next to the white, below the image is the two diffused together with the same fluffy brush.

Okay this is starting to sound like an ad but I promise it isn’t 🙂 I’m just really excited about a product that’s so useful and user-friendly to even the novice makeup user.

Now the cons, I hate even doing this but there are a few things to note. Jeffree, you can stop reading here 😘

One of the three shades I own had a very strong chemical odor (I’m nude, my fav shade). It goes away after application but it was a little unnerving at first. I wish I’d had a heads up and a “it’s okay, the smell is normal and won’t hurt you” from the brand. I don’t think they have done this. Maybe put it in a FAQ on their website so people can check but then they don’t have to advertise it and scare people away? That would be nice.

However, the performance was the same as the others, and I know the ingredients are safe so it’s not a huge deal for me. If that scares you, just keep in mind this is a very different kind of formula and if it’s a choice between scent and performance in the formula, I’m glad he picked performance. The same smell is in the wet n wild photo focus foundation, which I and many others think is great and I’ve heard of no bad reactions. Remember all of nature is chemicals, and sometimes chemicals smell weird, but do great things 👍

The lipstick will wear well for about 4-6 hours depending on your, um, lip use? Is that a thing? But again, it wears off evenly so you don’t have to reapply to avoid looking patchy if you don’t have time or don’t think of it.

The second con I think is the consistency between colors. I believe all the nudes, reds, purples, etc., the more common colors, are consistent, but there have been murmurs of the more fabulous shades like lime green or yellow or neons being different. Those shades have pigments that interact differently with ingredients so I understand the struggle. I probably won’t purchase those colors because, well, I wouldn’t wear them on my lips. So just be aware that the performance may differ between colors, but you’re pretty safe in the everyday/evening colors that most brands have some version of.

Bottom line: Buy it. Buy it now.


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