What you should be buying on AliExpress

It’s amazing how many products on amazon are actually from AliExpress / Alibaba. For those of you who don’t know, alibaba is the wholesale version of AliExpress for goods made in China. You might not like the idea of buying directly from China, but the fact is almost everything you buy now is made there. There are many safe beauty items you can get on AliExpress that you don’t need in two days, and by waiting a month or so for the slow shipping from China, you can save A LOT. PS I’m not sponsored by any of this and make no money off your purchase.

How about a $1 beauty blender that comes in a portable case? Do I have your attention? These guys are soft, double in size when wet, are about the same squishy firmness as a beauty blender, and I absolutely love the container for throwing it in my purse. The only issue I have is it tends to stain, so if you don’t like your blender blemished this might not be for you.


Need a mirror for your purse? It’s a good quality mirror, cute design, nothing really amazing or terrible about it but damn it comes in handy


These little guys are awesome for mixing, masks, and even some makeup applications!


Want to feel like a real artist? Get this palette and tool. This is actually a depotting tool as well, and I use it to open containers, mix loose shimmer with mixing medium, and mix my foundations.


I like to fan down my foundation to help it dry faster. Plus you can do a dramatic open with this fan, it makes a fun sound 🙂


Now these I wanna was not expecting to work. At all. But they do. And many of them fit my face well. Not all, and some of them are ridiculous for me, but a good 5 are awesome, and another 7-10 are pretty good. It’s a fun way to play with shape and how that changes the face.


These surprised me too! I have to admit I don’t use them often and they are a bit hard to hold. But at under a dollar, even a few uses I think was worth it.


Perhaps the best thing I’ve gotten, that I use everyday, is this makeup mirror. Came really well packaged and was in perfect shape, plugs in or uses batteries, and I’ve never seen my pores as clearly as I do in this. Much cheaper than amazon too. Wooo hooo!


There’s also a variety of great magnetic palettes to choose from, empty bottles and pans, and I have even ordered dry sheet masks so I can make my own and save a ton by using it with serum. I also hear great things about some of the brush brands (yes, really!) I don’t recommend cosmetics or skincare (they can be fake, many heavy metals and other bad actors can be in those, not worth it). But non face-sinking-in items I think are just fine. Hope you found some good suggestions!

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