Natural looking matte with dry skin. Can it be done?!

Yep. It sure can.
This morning I was looking at my foundations and realized all I have are dewy or satin foundations. I love a matte look, but if I try matte foundation I look like someone tried to use sand for my foundation. So what are we dry skinned ladies and gentlemen to do if we want that airbrushed matte look? I finally figured out the formula.

First step is to moisturize. Ideally, rinse your face, apply a serum, and then a moisturizer. This morning I used this: Komenuka Bijin Essence Whitening Serum with Rice Bran – 40ml
It says “whitening” but it’s ingredients don’t contain any harmful irritants like hydroquinone (which gives me a terrible rash!)It feels very hydrating, soothing, doesn’t have much of a scent, and is a great texture that’s easy to apply. After serum you need a moisturizer. You can use whatever product you want here. I like a gel formula personally like the water bomb from Korean skincare brand Belief:belif Korean Cosmetics The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, 1.69 Ounce
This morning I used this one from Clinique because I have a sample to use up (this is a great price on a three pack, man I love amazon): 3 Pack – 1oz Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+
Next you want a matte primer. It sounds dangerous for dry skin, but trust me on this one. Only use the tiniest amount of this on the center of the face and press it in with a stiff brush or sponge. I REALLY like this one from L’Oreal, it’s on the cheaper side, and since you only use a tiny bit it lasts a really long time unlike the slick silicone based primers that last, like, a month: Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base Trial Size, 0.17 Ounces *This is a link to the trial size, but the full size is in the drop down menu* There’s also a coupon for it right now, don’t forget to check that box!

After you do all this you should look pretty blurred, like you applied some powder. Put on your favorite foundation, but not one that’s too dewy. I used Milani conceal and perfect (which I talked about last time, love it SO MACH)which is more of a satin finish. My shade is 01 Creamy Vanilla, but I’m going to order their new color 00b which is a lighter shade. I only have a few drops left of my bottle!!! Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation Concealer, Light Beige, 1.0 Fluid Ounce
Don’t apply too much foundation here. Less is more here. Use a concealer next to hide imperfections and dark circles (I used Maybelline dark circle eraser) and THEN do a light dusting of a mattifying powder. Use a smaller brush to pack more powder wherever you put your concealer. I absolutely love Royal and Langnickle brushes. Something this size is great for undereye powder: Royal & Langnickel Moda Makeup Brush, Highlight and Glow

Do your other makeup as you please 🙂 YAAAAAS mauve eye, werk (used UD Naked 3).eye3-22

You can use a mattifying setting spray to keep it all on longer. Nothing beats Urban Decay all-nighter. If you’ve never tried it… it’s unreal.
I went to physical therapy (because I’m old and have chronic pain) and laid face down for a half-hour with a full face of makeup. Because I’d used all-nighter there was NOTHING on the pillow case that day. I was used to leaving a nice face print on the table before I broke down and got it. It truly is worth the price, I can’t express how big of a difference it is compared to drugstore setting spray. Some things aren’t worth high end prices (like blush, come on, nobody needs a $75 blush, I’m looking at you MANNY MUA), but setting spray is one of those things to not cheap out on.
I’m not cool enough to have an affiliate link to this one, but here it is at Sephora: Urban Decay All-Nighter

Feel free to use the links or not, they are for your convenience and I get a tiny bit of the money if you buy from the affiliate links. Again, I’m not cool enough to have any sponsors or anything and I’ve bought every single product I’ve ever used.

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